MIAMI ATV Rentals Brand Story

The ultimate Miami tour experience isn't just the flawless beaches, amazing trails, and breathtaking scenery. ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicles), Jet Skis, Party buses, and Yachts add a magical spark to the city lights. This is the complete experience that Miami ATV rental promises and delivers. Founded by three friends, known as the 3 Amigos, we create unforgettable memories with lively tourists exploring a top destination city in America. While the city's filled with local tours and rental companies, we are proud of the passionate and committed guides in our team. We treat ATV rentals like an investment that comes with returns like satisfaction, beautiful connections, and hearty laughter ringing through the night.

Our ATVs are perfect for exploring the city's countryside and trails both in the daytime and at night. We offer an exciting variety of tours. Some highlights of the experiences we offer are the well-mapped ATV rides, Islands, and random bump-ins with local and international celebrities. We also offer private tours for groups looking to explore Miami's gems and leisure together. Our guides prioritize safety and fun by providing all of the necessary safety gear, including helmets, goggles, and Water. We chase glowing sunsets and delightful sunrises across the radiant skyline of Miami, and we make every tour distinct.

Local and international tourists who are looking for an adventurous and unique way to see Miami come to Miami ATV Rental for a sensational exploration. Whether you are a tourist visiting the city, or a member of the Miami community looking for thrilling outdoor activities, ATV Rentals is committed to the exciting outdoors, the wind in our faces, the sand under our feet, and undying adventure. Go beyond imagining riding the waves on Miami's beautiful waterfronts or taking on the curves and twists of a rugged trail. Just experience the rush and pump of pure adrenaline and discover how true fun happens.

Our Vision

Miami ATV Rentals has a vision where touring Miami's beautiful scenes becomes a lifetime connection for nature lovers looking to find every slice of beauty, leisure, and limitless adventure there is to see!

Our Mission

We achieve our vision through:
1. Dedicated tour guides who keep the excitement high while keeping you safe.
2. Expertly maintained ATVs, yachts, and jet skis for rentals.
3. Local knowledge of the best spots, parties, and scenes.
4. Guaranteed top-quality professionalism and service delivery.