Inflatable nightclub (BIG) DEPOSIT
Inflatable nightclub BIG DEPOSIT
Inflatable nightclub BIG DEPOSIT

Inflatable nightclub (BIG) DEPOSIT

When you’re planning a party and looking for ways to make things a little more unusual or special, you might come across an inflatable nightclub for hire. Includes a speaker system through which you can blast your favorite music. The speakers will usually be Bluetooth enabled, so all you need is your phone. The inflatable tends to be pitch black inside to create that dance club vibe, with only LED lights to illuminate the space and a Fog machine. Also Includes a portable A/C to keep the temperate cool. Our ceremonial red carpet is a classic, bold luxury item that manifests royalty to anyone giving it a stroll. You can set up an inflatable nightclub anywhere, provided the surface is level and spacious enough.

Rental fee due at the time of set up!

3 Hours $799

Any Extra Hour $100


  •  Speaker
  •  Disco Lights
  •  Portable A/C
  •  Fog Machine
  •  Red Carpet
Addons: Glowing Furniture, DJ, 360 Photo booth and more!